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Day 18 - Friday 9th March 2018

Horsepower Rules - Corvettes Rule


The ritual continues, a wander down to the casino floor to Lord of Sandwich for a Tuna Melt, Coleslaw and yoghurt for brekkie.


Uber it to the Hertz Car rental depot at the LV airport to pick up our dream car for the day - a Corvette C7.

Despite being booked and reserved a week earlier, we were advised that not one was available. We were advised there was one but a "gentleman" was flying in shortly to pick it up. When asked of the Hertz employee when the booking was made we were advised in was 24 hours ago. So we had our booking in for a week and he for a day and he was getting the car!!!


NOT GOOD ENOUGH HERTZ!!! This is NOT how you treat customers!


90 minutes wasted and some arm twisting resulted in Hertz seeing the error of their ways and handing over the keys to the "gentleman's" car - it was undoubtedly OUR Silver Corvette.

The first opportunity to squeeze the pedal to the metal was on the loooong entry ramp onto the freeway. Holy Mackerel this is almost as quick as the bullet leaving the muzzle of the Smith & Wesson. The exhaust howled and in between very slick and quick gear changes the crack for the exhaust was loud enough to wake he dead.

This is one very quick vehicle with a very comfortable seating position and a body sexy to boot. The only "negative" is with the backside a mere handful of inches from the road getting out of the vehicle was a contortionist's routine. But oh so worth the discomfort.


A push of the "go juice" pedal for a short burst of speed to enter the freeway...

Yep, that corner came up on me way quicker than expected :)

A location for the famous In - N - Out Burger (best burgers ever!) was punched into the GPS and this led the Corvette to our early lunch-stop. A Double - Double with fries really hit the spot. The Corvette was then parked across the front entry of  In - N - Out for that iconic image - two US legends.


Best burgers in town and everybody vacated the front-of-house parking bays so we could feature the Corvette in front...

The menu...

Leon and I took it in turns to drive the 'Vette with the second stop being Red Rock Canyon.  A gorgeous 13 mile drive along the scenic route and being a one-way road made for a bit of fun on the many corners. This was a bit like driving The Great Ocean Road - fun!

There were frequent egresses out of the 'Vette to take pics of the gorgeous escarpments and colours. From a photographic point of view conditions were not ideal with the sun now almost directly over-head.

Red Rock Canyon Panorama

A short break in Red Rock Canyon with the Corvette...

The drive through Death Valley in summer would be impossible with temperatures exceeding 115+F on a regular basis. We continued to Blackwater, the lowest point on mainland USA. The ground was covered in a blanket of salt but also a squillion footprints making photography less than ideal. Halfway up a mountain was a massive sign "Sea Level" putting into perspective just how low we were.


It was time to turn the steering wheel 180 degree and start reluctantly, heading back to Vegas. This was a huge day with more than 400 miles added to the odometer, throttle opened wide many times and the sheer pleasure of hearing her scream - not with pain but pleasure. The Corvette performed best under the conditions she was designed and built for.

Death Valley was certainly an eye-opener and driving the Corvette through this area was nothing shoert of amazing!!!

Back to Hertz to very reluctantly hand her back, was there a hint of a tear? No, I'm sure it was a spec of dust in my eye!


We were going to swap the Corvette for a mid-range sedan to take us back to LA and LAX tomorrow. But once we explained the unnecessary torture Hertz put us through and the time wasted in the morning - yes another upgrade to a large SUV. Ideal to pack all our gear.


Back to Planet Hollywood and our penultimate night in Vegas. It was a long and exhilarating day so we decided to eat in at the bar. The sushi was amazing, as were all the other seven courses we had. A culinary delight and when compared with Iceland where the cost of food was almost crazy, food in USA is so reasonably priced. No need to donate a kidney to be well-fed.

Twenty four hours before we fly out and our last sleep.

The Adventure Continues...