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Day 11 - Friday 2nd March, 2018

Either so tired or the best bed yet, but a fantastic night's sleep touched with a tinge of will I see the Northern lights?

A gorgeous sunrise peeking over the not too distant mountain flooded the dining area over a rustic brekkie.

The glacier was calling so we paid her a visit!

Managed to park within 2km of the glacier face and walked into the 100km/h + breeze giving my face a moist bracing work-over.

The walk was well worth the significant effort against the wind - amazing!!!

Extraordinary! Huge chunks of ice the size of cars, refrigerators and larger strewn across the black beach was eye-popping. 

To think that this ice is eons old and what goodies of yesteryear are contained in the micro-bubbles within the ice?

Unfortunately a glass, ice pick and the Beluga were left behind at our digs.

The half hour at the glacier was way too short, but with a wind chill factor approaching -20 C, we could only handle so long before making a hasty exit and long walk back to our Pajero.

The Adventure Continues...