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Day 10 - Thursday 1st March, 2018

Where’s the Light Switch?

Waking early and a looks outside revealed a medium dusting of snow over our verandah and surrounds. Our brown Pajero was now white...

A detour was effected to visit the local hospital.

A most interesting procedure played its part in keeping the hospital clean. Everybody entering the hospital was required to take their shoes off and leave them in the front foyer. This practice even included Doctors and Nurses, all walking about with socks not shoes covering their feet.

The Doctor was most pleasant and it turned out she did much of her medical training in Paris. Some suitable drugs were prescribed and the visit to this local hospital set me back ISK $9600 (AUD$ 115), but well worth it as within hours I was once again firing on all cylinders (V8 that is :)

A long 300 km drive Höfn provided many visual oohs and aahs along the way. What a fantastic and rugged landscape.

Finding our accommodation was a minor problem in that the car’s GPS was deficient in so many ways, streets, towns and points of interest. A bit of detective work and we found Lilja Guest House our place for the next two days.

The location is stunning, on the flat with three large glaciers only 4 - 5 km across the road. Most impressive. The glacier will be a highlight tomorrow no doubt.

Drove the 25km into the main town precinct and found a gorgeous little restaurant with Lobster as its speciality.  A magnificent soup and a massive platter of tails well-seasoned and well cooked. Almost went for seconds it was so good.

The best I've ever had...

The night showed great promise, with a sky as black as the proverbial, stars like a royal jewel box - reds, greens and all colours scattered all over the sky, not a cloud to be seen and the only thing wanting being the Aurora Borealis.

The sky was checked at 2230, 2330, 0100 and 0230 - in between the ferocious and howling wind. And each check comprised me venturing outdoors just wearing my jocks.

Alas, I couldn’t find the light switch to turn on the Northern Lights, or maybe that the vision of me in my jocks was enough to scare the lights away for the night :)

So the night comprised reasonable sleep and disappointment once again.

The Adventure Continues...