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Day 9 - Wednesday 28th February, 2018

Hot ‘n Steaming - not talking about late night on SBS

Leaving our Airbnb was a bit tough given how well it was constructed and appointed. Overlooking Akureyri on the opposite bank we had panoramic views up the valley. 

The Pajero was pointed east and we started the drive toward Myvatn stopping at Godafoss for a second time. This time however, the foot-hold was significantly enhanced with slip on spikes. These are an absolute must when walking on ice and compacted snow. Worth their weight in gold, they set me back a princely sum of $30.

Godafoss is absolutely beautiful and overwhelming. Seeing this in Winter adds another element, another dimension of beauty - water frozen in long icicles hanging on, grasping a hold building thicker and thicker.

The roar was enough to be imposing but not uncomfortable. The upper reach of the waterfall is very similar to Victoria Falls, where you can almost reach out and touch the water before it drops over the edge.

Back in the car and a circumnavigation of Lake Myvatn proved both interesting and beautiful. We doubled back in some sections to get “the” shot before heading to the Sulphur Springs, geothermal geysers, mud baths, and up to the Caldera which in summer is a lake but frozen in Winter. We were fortunate to see it frozen and using the same superlative - amazing!

With all the geothermal activity and abundance of hot water, the Icelandic nation has one of the cheapest power sources available. Owned by the people and not multinationals, the cost of power is not a concern. In fact, people leave their lights on and heating all day long. Give power back to the people!

Back on the road for several hours with outside temperatures in the -1 to -4 range but a cosy 20C in the car.

Driving over the mountains we encountered some pretty wild winds, but as quickly as they hit, the next corner revealed calm weather again

A "warm" -3 outside...

Not far from Eggilsstadir we crossed a large trestle bridge and pulled into the parking area. The river in the gorge was truly frozen and I was expecting to see a “White Walker” emerge from the crevasses.

This was a first for me, having never seen anything closely resembling the extreme cold that can freeze a river in its tracks. The subtle colours were truly amazing with the most beautiful but very pale blues within the ice.  

The photographic results are very interesting with a degree of abstract appeal. Can’t wait to see on the PC.

The frozen river from above - the subltle colours wer gorgeous...

Found our Airbnb 5km out of town on the crest of a hill overlooking the huge lake. Being greeted by 4 huskies was most welcoming.

Unpacked our bags and headed back to town for a feed. Salt Bistro was the go and the manager was most helpful with advice on the Northern Lights and things to do downstream from our current location.   He tempted us with his iPhone pics of the Northern Lights, but also advised that this night would not be fruitful as snow and storm was forecast.

Talk about "bill shock", the small pizza, two glasses of red and two caffeines dented the credit card to the tune of $137. The same meal back in MLB would be valued at around $45 to $50.

We drove back to our beds for the night and again the sky was covered in cloud. We realised there would be no interruption to our sleep as the need to check for the Northern Lights was now a moot point.

A light sprinkle overnight...

The Adventure Continues...