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Day 7 - Monday 26th February, 2018

Dina Washington - yes , true - “What a Difference a Day Makes”

The cab was on time and after loading was done with our precious cargo of cameras, Beluga and clothes it was airport bound.

Playing on the safe-side we had an hour to spare!

Cabin baggage limit was 1 piece of 6kg. OK OK mine was just a tad over at 11kg. I did explain that Nikon make such an amazing camera and the weight jut could not be argued with. Did I mention I had TWO carry-on items at least the second was under 6KG - just!!!!

Ushered onto the twin turboprop high wing Bombardier Dash 8 first problem was the overhead bin was to narrow to take the camera bag. We had Row 3 seats and I was “upgraded” to Row 2 and my camera was given the royal role and a seat of its own. Go figure but was very much appreciated the Cabin Supervisor’s initiative in recognising the Nikon Kit had to be treated with respect

Our Bombardier Dash 8...

Precious Cargo with a seat all for the Nikon...

The amazing landscape from just below the cloud base...

The patterns created were truly amazing...

Flaps up and a short burst down the runway had us up thought the copious clouds very swiftly.

The terrain changed numerous time and looked absolutely fantastic but very rugged.

The runway is Aykureyri is similar to SYD, where it goes out into the water. A low approach, soft touch on the runway, a short burst of reverse thrust and we had arrived.

“What a difference a day makes” , blue sky, what was that again, did I say blue sky? The Sun was shining upon us OK it really did feel like it was shining upon us and NO WIND. 

Our bags were first off as we were first in the queue with Europcar and having been forewarned by Matt Wings about cost of fuel, we picked up our almost new, almost clean Mitsubishi Pajero with diesel. And heated seats.

Our car looked a bit like , for those who can remember him, Norman Gunston, with dab of tissue where he cut himself shaving. Our poor Pajero had similar white patches all over it from pre-existing rental damage. Cute!

We could not get into our Airbnb before 17:00 so we headed on Highway 1 to Lake Myvatn. Of course the pronunciation was wrong as the locals call it “Myvan”.

The landscape is truly amazing and beautiful and so many location to shoot the Northern Lights, Providing they behave and lose their shyness and adorn the sky above!

Did I already say the landscape was spectacular? 

First stop was Godafoss “gods waterfall”. Beautiful and then eyes just got a tad moist looking at the view. I maintain it was spray off the waterfall.

We do have to come back after we purchase spikes. These are stretchy soles that wrap around your footwear and have some serious spikes beneath. Walking around Godafoss without was not a nice experience so we will come back

We headed to Heidel a Husky enterprise offering sled tours but more importantly, an opportunity to play with 24 Huskies ranging in age from 6 months to 4-5 yo. What an unbelievably awesome experience. Snouts in jacket pockets as apparently they are very adept at finding and eating gloves and just loved a hug(ssss) and pats. We could have stayed there for hours and I had already selected which one or even three I would Husky nap.

Headed for the Airbnb and more than pleased, located on the hill overlooking Aykureri in a super modern design with no expense spared. Fabulous two story design with a hot tub on the veranda and a B&O A9 speaker system that nearly blew the roof off.

I figure I can put the wireless remote in a zip bag and shoot the Northern Lights while in the warmth of the heated tub. 

Yes I know, a leaning horizon :)

Oh, Dad, take me home to Oz I so want to be with you...

Oh, please don't go - stay and play with us some more :)

Our home for the next few days...

The view from our dining table and a hot tub on the verandah outside...

We headed Downtown to by spikes and food at the local supermarket. The prices are much more realistic here when compared with RKV.

Still not a 100% so a toasted sandwich at midnight will have to do.

What a difference a day makes!!!

The Adventure Continues...