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Day 6 - Sunday 25th February, 2018

Enthusiastically working on my 6-Pack

Woke bright ‘n early 11:00 and I was looking for the Icelandic steam roller that had run me over during the night.

On the other hand just as well all tours have been cancelled as it’s not fit outside for man or beast. The way I feel at present puts me into the beast category.

Dosed up on antibiotics and decongestant I’ve been working on my 6-Pack all day with very aggressive coughing.

What’s disappointing, the Nikon has not seen the light of day with no images taken thus far. I just hope this changes and soon.

Spent the day researching venues and maps for the balance of the trip and excited by what Iceland has to offer.

Finally and literally crawled out of bed at 23:00 to pack my bags for an early flight to Aykureyri  tomorrow morning. 

Here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep and a good flight north

The Adventure Continues...