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Day 5 - Saturday 24th February, 2018

A well-deserved sleep-in to 11:00 and interrupted with copious coughing during the night. My GP prescribed antibiotics, just in case and just as well. I've scored a chest infection and trying to get over it.

We caught a bus to central RKV and did some sight seeing, church, museum and a few wonderful lattes.

Made it back to our accommodation and a power snooze of several hours.

Our Northern Lights Tour was cancelled last night and another attempt being made tonight - we made it out by bus to the airport precinct leaving the pickup point and venturing into the darkness well beyond the road.

We stood around in the paddock looking with great anticipation. Nadda, zip, zero. Are the Northern Lights a myth a bit like Loch Ness Monster?

Back to our accommodation at 0100. And quite frankly enough to hit that metaphorical wall and let the head hit the pillow.

Our Sunday Tour to Snaefelness has been cancelled as well. I’m guessing we will do something to pass the day.