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Day 3 - Thursday 22nd February, 2018

The location and precinct of our brief overnight stay was obvious when we woke several hours later. It’s a disused military base with “little boxes” of buildings scattered over several square kilometres.

Ours was neat, clean and fitted the bill after the long haul from Oz. Breakfast was included and it fuelled the furnace for almost the balance of the day.

The area around our hotel is desolate and a 1.5km walk to the bus stop for RKV. A taxi was out of question as the 40 minute drive was quoted in excess of EU$ 150 - 175. Me thinks not! 

A very desolate place - makes me wonder how the US Military personnel enjoyed this base...

The view from our hotel across to what was once a school with playground...

One minute the Sun was shining upon us (well sort of) and the next...

And the next? I think the short vid give you an idea of how fickle the weather can be in Iceland.

A very pregnant employee of the hotel was kind enough to drive us the distance to the bus stop and just a well. Within minutes of arrive a blizzard hit and we left our bags on the kerb and crossed the narrow road to a bus shelter where we waited with two others.

Stephanie from France had just arrived to spend two months working as a nanny to four kids. Unfortunately she was in RKV and her bags including laptop were dispatched to airports yet too be found.

A local school teacher engaged in conversation and provided some great info. Unfortunately the email she sent has disappeared into cyberspace. Hopefully she reads this blog and resend the message.

Icelanders are certainly a friendly lot and full of information. 

Our Airbnb is 10 minutes out and in the basement of a nice house. Very comfortable digs for the next four days.

Walking around RKV was fantastic as well as interesting. Illy coffee in a local funky bookstore got us out of the cold for a while. Streets covered in snow and people say MLB has four seasons in a day, well Iceland takes the cake! Snow, sleet, sun, blue sky wind, snow and so goes the climactic merry-go-round!

RKV is famous for its Hot Dogs and I can see why. Small but super tasty. First and only person in the queue and within 30 seconds of the purchase there were 30 people in the queue keen as mustard to land one of these beauties.

A few White Russians in the “Big Lebowsky Bar” warmed the body before we headed to the bus terminal for the 50 minute drive to the Blue Lagoon.

Into the cold wearing the trunks and 1C into Walter at 38C. Nearly two hours and many conversations after it was time to catch the penultimate bus arriving RKV Central just after 23:30.

The taxi driver said the Northern Lights were visible and people were on the foreshore not far from our accommodation. Nikon and tripod in hand it was a brisk walk in 0C temperature however a quick retreat was had succumbing to the now horizontal snow!

So time for bed after writing these notes and an early rise for The Golden Circle Tour.


A great but bloody cold day!

The Adventure Continues...