Day 2 - Wednesday 21st February, 2018

Up bright an early to LAX via Uber for an average airport breakfast followed by a nice surprise. Check in with WOW Airlines went smoothly to the point of placing my bag on the scales. The only 1kg overweight set me back $19.95!! I tried putting the point that I’m 8kg lighter today compared with three weeks ago prior to the start of my Light ‘n Easy. Unfortunately it’s a major revenue raiser for the airline and the ‘penalty’ was enforced.

A 3km bus drive around the tarmac to our waiting plane and 6G aisle seat on the bulkhead with heaps of legroom and an empty seat next to me put a smile on my dial.  Our “Hostie” wearing a 50’s style beret, tells me the weather in Iceland for at least the next few days will be good and she was positive about the Northern Lights. I do hope so!

So once again, it’s flaps up and ready for take-off for a 7hr 40 minute flight which will take the Great Circle Route just north of Chicago, Lake Superior out over Newfoundland and then Iceland.

But to pass the time, my head is filled with music streaming from my iPod, through my favourite Sennheiser cans. The iPod is a little beauty and has been at my side on my many adventures, the first being the epic pedal already written about taking me from North to South Vietnam.

With eyes closed and zoned into the lyrics I am really enjoying and appreciating the talent of Pink Floyd - the lyrics really resonate so well with me. One could say I’m “Lost for words”.

While listening and writing, I vividly recall the more than epic trek around, up and over Mt Blanc. I’m not fleet-footed at all, but this one day almost flying through the Forrest down a relatively steep and never ending slope, like a Chess Master, I could also see on which stone, rock or boulder I would land upon many, many steps before-hand. And while in that groove, good old Pink Floyd provided the rhythm and the opportunity to vent my vocal chords through the Forrest.

I’ve always felt there is a little pearl in life that always enhances every experience!


Next stop Keflavik Airport at 4:00


Good news, we made up 30 minutes in flight and arrived at 3:30.

Cleared immigration gabbed our bags and headed for the exit. A very warm 2C and falling snow.


Fresh out of the cargo hold, exit the terminal and greeted by snow at 3:30...

A short 10 minute $35 cab fare to our hotel located on what was once a US Airforce Base. It appeared to be in the middle of nowhere and the large huts were scattered in what appeared to be a random order all over the place. Our hotel was once a large mess hall and actually looked welcoming and comfortable for the night.


Time to hit the cot...

The Adventure Continues